The Online World is Empowering

Waking Hours Spent Online

I received a call from a dear friend, who began by telling me that she spotted me on FB messenger and so called me, mentioning that she hated keying in, preferred talking, and so was not too present on messenger, whatsapp, etc. I informed her that most part of my waking hours were spent online, when she expressed surprise and cautioned me against it. Being my normal upfront, insensitive self, I asked her why she was jumping to conclusions, without knowing my objectives, and justified myself with some of my experiences.

Online Contacts Lead to Offline Meetings

In the past 2 years or so, I have been living more in the virtual world than in the brick and mortar space. A few months ago, I ran into some opaque behavior by my housing society and needed advice. I was absolutely surprised to find a very reputed lawyer who entertained me online, which led me to a offline visit, in some distant Mumbai suburb. I was again amazed at his huge office premises, displaying large press clippings of his work. I explained to him my issue. I was in for more shocks and surprises. He categorically told me not to pursue my grievance, saying that it was too minor and the amount of corruption involved would not get me justice. He went on to suggest to me that if at all, my case should be fabricated, so that I should claim huge amounts. This would then stir up the authorities to investigate, not for my sake, but so that they could claim part of the booty. Very graciously he informed me that his charges for verbal consultation would be Rs.7,500 and anything in writing would set me back by Rs.12,500/- and that since I had taken the trouble of contacting and visiting him, no fees would be applicable. I beat a hasty retreat but was completely disappointed, to say the least.

One Meeting Leads to Another and Another…..

I then contacted a knowledgeable friend offline who reiterated the above, even claiming that I was lucky not to be charged by such a reputed lawyer. My desire for justice remaining unabated, back I went on the net and this time I came across an elderly good citizen who was extremely well versed in such subjects. This led to another meeting, this time with a lawyer, which ended at the bar, of a different kind!  The elderly citizen, much respected for his immense knowledge on housing matters, runs a whatsapp group of similar people and the daily exchange of information from this tribe is awesome. The administration is quite strict and always on the ball. All this totally free of cost. Many of the group members went out of their way to assist me individually. I then contacted another lawyer on the net, who had helped me previously, and is again on the scene. All this in the virtual world. More power to it.

Super Professionals Are Present Online

On the professional level too, the cyber world has captured my presence. In the past 2/3 years almost 99% of my across-the-desk meetings have originated from the online space. I have been extremely lucky to get compensated for every piece of work, save one, from an Asian girl living in the U.K. where I least expected to be short changed. But then, that I consider an aberration. And yet again, another discovery. Have come across an online group with specialists in every platform from SEO to Content to SM. The group has been guiding me step by step, despite my failings. This piece itself was written months ago, but due to some technical glitches, could not be posted. Another online friend from FB comes to my rescue.

The power and surprises of the online world never ceases!

I have spent my career in branding/communications and now am reinventing myself on the digital platform, beginning with content writing. Social Media too has my interest, however changing technology deters me. Loved reading but that has now taken a back seat as I find myself spending a lot of time on the net. Usually laid-back, but when given a challenge can be extremely determined and focussed.