Agency Business-Development?

Such offers keep pouring in from Agency Owners, Entrepreneurs, etc. Let’s look at a couple of scenarios and viewpoints.

Agency Head (AH): We have the expertise but need the contacts.

Business Development (BD): Your work should showcase your talent, and attract prospective clients. Are you expecting the personal branding and contacts of the BD guy to overpower your own Company/Agency Brand? Build your Agency brand before making promises to your client of brand building.

AH: We will offer x% commission of the newly acquired business.

BD: Good deal. And if the business is not acquired? Does the BD guy’s resources along with sweat equity go to waste? In short, you are transferring your business risks as an AH to the BD guy without any costs.

AH: We need someone to bring in the business, post that we can manage it.

BD: Acquiring business is the toughest part of any enterprise. If the BD guy can offer you business on a platter, then why does he not do it for himself and begin his own venture?

AH: We want to be invited for client pitches.

BD: Begin by building your Agency Brand slowly. Rome was not built in a day.

AH: Our challenge is to add x% to our Turnover.

BD: Why don’t you focus on increasing your current client business by improving work quality?

AH: We do not have enough staff.

BD: So you want to utilise the BD guy’s resources and save on salaries. Employ talent who can then be trained for BD.

And the dialogues continue…………Save me please!

I have spent my career in branding/communications and now am reinventing myself on the digital platform, beginning with content writing. Social Media too has my interest, however changing technology deters me. Loved reading but that has now taken a back seat as I find myself spending a lot of time on the net. Usually laid-back, but when given a challenge can be extremely determined and focussed.