It’s All in the Thinking

Journey through Life

As I go through life, I come across various people. Whilst I do not consider myself an extrovert, I do engage with them at times and like to understand them better. In my book, they can be slotted into 2 different categories, each resembling and getting confused for the other, but in reality very different.

The Intellectual and The Knowledgeable

We have the Intellectual or the Cerebral and the Knowledgeable. Both have appealed to me. Most often I find that the Intellectuals – with good IQs- are the kind who are not too verbose, slow at articulating their thoughts and not too extroverted. I have had the pleasure of interacting with one such Intellectual who was my Delhi based client, an entrepreneur. He rarely spoke, but just watched and absorbed. During a sound recording, one day, with a studio full of wannabes and celebrities, various versions of a jingle were under production. At the end of the day, all of us were totally exhausted and pack-up was announced, when suddenly he spoke, bringing to the attention of the entire studio folk that a particular rendition of the jingle was yet recorded. He had not a single piece of paper in front of him.

The Knowledgeable kind more often are quite bookish and strive in their collection of additional information/data/knowledge. They are the ones always ready to throw facts and figures at you, imbibed through their vast knowledge. I hold lawyers in this category. Very early in my career, my immediate boss was one such Knowledgeable guy, who could discuss anything under the sun with anyone. What little he did not know, which was seldom, he often made up through imagination, but could not be challenged.

A Tribe Apart – The Analytical.

It is altogether another type that really has me in awe. They are in between the Cerebral and the Knowledgeable but often a tribe apart.  I adore this clan and can recount interaction with 2 such. One being blood related. His academic career was nothing to write home about. Having completed the same, he pursued business, with absolutely no one to back or guide him. This was before the “start-up” days of today. His business attempts ranged from material transportation, lending of second hand novels, to many others. Each business he attempted, flopped, but he was not to be discouraged. He was guided by his sheer thinking ability and perseverance. Today he is in the tourism industry and owns a chain of hotels, with no exposure to the industry at all. Every time I meet him I am struck by his analytical thinking and sheer simplicity.

Another such was a former boss, who had his education in a tier 2 city of India. With just a to his name, he started off as a clerk in a PSU bank. There he met a customer who was in the advertising business. He sensed big money in the industry and so freelanced whilst still retaining his job. As his freelance business got bigger, he found little time to attend to his bank job, and got charge sheeted or sued by the management for lack of attendance. Undeterred, he trudged on in the business full time. Not being fluent in the English language, at creative and client meetings, he just sat and listened. But when he did speak, deep and sound thought exposed his logical thinking, which could not be challenged by intelligent clients nor talented staff. Today, he has a staff of over 200 employees with a 10,000 sq. feet office in a plush location in Mumbai and branches in more than 3 cities.

My salutations to the thinking guys, which often remind me of Schwartz: the thinking that guides your intelligence is much more important than how much intelligence you may have.

I have spent my career in branding/communications and now am reinventing myself on the digital platform, beginning with content writing. Social Media too has my interest, however changing technology deters me. Loved reading but that has now taken a back seat as I find myself spending a lot of time on the net. Usually laid-back, but when given a challenge can be extremely determined and focussed.